Servicing methodology

There are many ways to produce documents to meet the requirements of the financial communications sector and corporate reporting sector, but as a result of our broad knowledge base acquired over many years, we believe our process is the most efficient and least stressful for our clients.

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It all starts with a strategy

The key to any financial reporting in today’s global environment is to establish an integrated reporting strategy.

Quality production

Each set of corrections from the client is turned around as quickly as possible, but more importantly, as accurately as possible.

Content is king

Based on the International Integrated Reporting Framework, recently established SASB and the global drive for consistency and best practice, content is the driving force behind a quality report, be it integrated, ESG, sustainability or financial statements.

Final execution

Whether it’s to print or conversion to HTML, our intensive sign off process begins with a quality control (QC) proof aimed at eliminating all inconsistencies in formatting and language.

Intelligent design

We are fully aware that financial and compliance reporting can be dull by its nature, so we aim to assist the content by making it as visual as possible and easy for the reader to engage with.

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Workflow process


Research and development

Extensive research is done before starting any project


Conceptualisation and design

Working closely with the client a comprehensive brief is planned which informs the design mock-up


Writing and editing

Writers can be involved in the process and depending on requirements, draft copy from scratch or edit existing content


Typesetting, production and digital development

Copy and photographs are received. Visuals can also be sourced if there is no relevant imagery


Sign-off and technical quality control

Near sign-off a complete re-read is undertaken. A critical technical quality control check is done


Print, digital conversion, publishing and distribution

Delivery instructions are supplied and deliveries are monitored. Proof of delivery and posting is supplied.

Programs to assist in the workflow process

The Workiva (Webfilings) platform is a valuable tool which can be adopted by any company as an internal content management system. This assists the internal control of proofing and ultimately cuts down on the number of proofs and authors’ corrections as more input is given to the pre-typesetting phase.

For more information about Workiva (NYSE:WK), please visit

CTRLPrint and InCopy
CTRLPrint is a collaboration tool for the creation of financial reports produced using InDesign and InCopy. This is an Adobe plug-in that works with the InDesign suite, the preferred system for design and typesetting agencies over the last 15-odd years.

Case Studies

Implats AIR suite 2022

Implats is a leading producer of platinum group metals (PGMs) structured around six mining operations and Impala Refining Services, a toll refining business.

The Oak Tree Group supplies a comprehensive service to Implats producing both their interim and annual results as well as their five reports making up their integrated reporting suite, both print and digitally. We are their preferred service provider for their investor and corporate website. Furthermore, we produce all their corporate finance documentation.

Please tap on images below for more information


Sappi is a leading global provider of everyday materials made from woodfibre-based renewable resources.

We, at The Oak Tree Group, produced the results package, integrated reporting suite for both print and online. In addition, we also produced their online Global Sustainability report.


One of South Africa's largest technology service providers, covering the entire IT value chain – providing an unparalleled value proposition with extensive access to a range of OEM partners.

The Oak Tree Group was delighted to assist EOH in producing their year-end results booklet, integrated reporting suite and corporate finance documentation, for both print and online.

Tiger Brands

Tiger Brands is one of Africa's largest listed manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Our core business is the manufacture, marketing and distribution of everyday branded food and beverages.

The Oak Tree Group, produced the integrated report, annual financial statements, sustainability report and year-end results package, including HTML online results and for all the reports.

Bid Corporation Limited

Bidcorp is an international broad-line foodservice group, listed on the JSE, South Africa, and present in developed and developing economies in five continents.

The Oak Tree Group and Bidcorp worked very closely to produce a visually pleasing, content-driven annual integrated report backed by a condensed online element in support of the full suite of reports.


Growthpoint Properties, the largest South African primary REIT listed on the JSE, is an international property company with assets in South Africa, Eastern Europe, Australia and the UK.

The Oak Tree Group delivered the results booklet including the PowerPoint presentation and the Business Day advert, seamlessly to the client, on time and on budget. We also produced their integrated report, annual financial statements, ESG report and year-end results package, including leading edge HTML results and report.

African Rainbow Minerals (ARM)

African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) is a leading South African diversified mining and minerals company with operations in South Africa and Malaysia.

We, at The Oak Tree Group, produced the ARM integrated reporting suite, both print and digitally and their year-end results package,including a results video.

Gem diamonds

Gem Diamond is a leading producer of high-value diamonds.

We, at the Oak Tree Group, produced and maintain the Gem Diamonds website.

Southern Sun

Southern Sun Limited is the leading hospitality company in southern Africa.

We, at The Oak Tree Group, produced the Southern Sun integrated report and year-end results package.


Sanlam is a diversified financial services company headquartered in South Africa, with a strong presence in more than 30 countries on the African continent, India, Malaysia and selected developed markets.

We at the Oak Tree Group are at the leading edge of digital communications, strategy and understand the best way of conveying the client’s message. We produced and maintain the Sanlam investor website